Professional HID and LED Automotive Lights Manufacturer

GuangZhou Macar Auto Accessory Co.,Ltd is one of the leading professional

manufacturer specialing in producing and selling HID ballast,xenon bulbs,

HID kits and LED headlights,LED light etc in China.

Our factory have over than Ten Thousand square meters and established

ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management systems. Some of products has  

passed CE、 E-MARK and DOT authentication and 100% fit for original car


We have more than 40 professional auto lighting designer. And there have more

than 200 workers in production line for producing LED,HID products.All products

are domestic and international industry standards and strict implementation of

ISO quality management system for 100% quality control. Every product has passed

the waterproof testing(IP68) and shockproof testing.

At present, our products have successfully entered the market of Europe and the

United States, South Korea and Japan, Southeast Asia, South Africa, North Africa,

the Middle East etc.

Our company policy is Quality First, Customer the Highest; High Efficiency; Full

Participation, Pursuit for Excellence; It’s create the benefits for our customers

and both win-win.

Warmly welcome the customers from the abroad to come to our factory for visting and


Automotive LED headlamps series

Car headlights are cars headlamps headlamps is when driving at night, to discern the horizon ahead of lighting lamps and lanterns, symmetrically installed on both sides of the front vehicle. LED is a kind of electroluminescent devices, using solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material, through the carrier compound cause photon emission and direct light. LED headlight is produced using LED as light source lighting appliances.

As early as 10 years ago, the LED is to make inroads in the field of automobile, at present, the LED in the interior lighting and brake lights, emergency lights, day light applications have got remarkable results, the proportion of LED lighting source in the vehicle inside and outside has gone beyond 80%. With the rapid development of LED lighting technology and cost decline gradually, LED headlamps tested technology in recent years, the concept car show after stage, more and more close to a wide range of application prospect in the production car system.

HID series

Show wide lights series

The width light

Show wide lights also called the profile lights. As long as the open lights will automatically open the show wide lights in the rear of the car, the car around one, red, large car and more than a few. When the day is not completely dark, open. Is the width of the car that prompted each other and the car. The wide lamp is used to determine the width of the vehicle ahead when the vehicle is driving in the evening.

Large buses and trucks, each side there are many at night light, you can let other vehicles to see how long the car wide to avoid traffic accidents, especially trailers, driving the vehicle at night is black, in the past The vehicle does not pay attention to hit, with a wide light to know that the car is a long car.


Mainly used to express the existence of the car and the general width of the other vehicles will be easy to judge when the car and overtaking.

Work lights series

Nov. 2016 - 20" RGBW Multicolor Bluetooth Controlled CREE Dual Row LED bar

This 20" LED bar is for anyone who enjoys the latest in technology. Fully controlled by your smart phone or manually by a switch. This multi-color LED bar allows you to select any color you want or select it from pre-defined colors in the phone app. Installation is plug-n-play with you connecting only 2 wires to vehicle's battery.

LED type: CREE
Brightness: 9600 lumens
Power: 120W

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